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2023 - 01.06. - Leipzig - MZIN - MdbK - 18:01

		... TRANSIT ...

		2023 - 01.06 - 14.06. - 17:59
		Leipzig - MZIN - MdbK

		Our existence is characterised by coming and going. Between entry and
		exit, we turn waiting loops in the transit area of life. Every now and
		then, we are startled by the passing of someone close to us or someone
		we have never met, but whose creative work has touched and influenced us
		in one way or another.

		Alex Solman dedicates illustrations to many deceased artists, which he
		publishes on his social media channels. Not all of these people, whose
		figures he portrayed sometimes with straight lines and dry humour,
		sometimes with erratic brushstrokes and serious sadness, he knew or
		liked. But most of them have etched themselves deeply into collective
		and cultural memories, and thus into his own.

		Solman's drawn necrologies are designed not only as a dedication to
		the deceased, but first and foremost For the Survivors, as the title
		of his forthcoming book reads. For that is how it is to be understood:
		As a (self-)reassurance that we are not alone in our mourning for people
		we did not know and yet whose characters were so familiar to us. As an
		offer to explore their work and activities anew after their death or to
		discover them in the first place. As a promise that no person is ever
		really gone as long as there are others who remember - with pencil and
		brush, with a bit of cloth and paper, with words and what they left us.
		The inventions, the literature, the music, the will to live.

		His exhibition Transit invites us to pause and to remember those who
		have already left the transit space and yet are still there through
		their rich cultural legacy.


		Alex Solman is a freelance artist who lives and works in Hamburg and
		Berlin. His illustrations have appeared in DIE ZEIT and on numerous
		album covers. For what feels like an eternity, he has been responsible
		for the illustration of posters and flyers for the Hamburg club Golden
		Pudel. A selection was published in the anthology Die Welt ist eine
		Pudel (Monkeytown, 2017).


		TRANSIT - Alex Solman - June 01 - June 14 / 2023
		VERNISSAGE June 01 - with music from Lowtec (workshop records) + resom

		Museum der bildenden K√ľnste,
		Katharinenstrasse 10,
		Leipzig 04109, Germany
		Tue, Thu-Sun 10-6 / Wed 12-8